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Difference Between High-level Data Link Control (HDLC) and Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 09 Jun, 2022
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The main difference between High-level Data Link Control (HDLC) and Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) is that High-level Data Link Control is the bit-oriented protocol, on the other hand, Point-to-Point Protocol is the byte-oriented protocol. Another difference between HDLC and PPP is that HDLC is implemented by Point-to-point configuration and also multi-point configurations on the other hand While PPP is implemented by Point-to-Point configuration only. 
Let’s see the difference between HDLC and PPP:

S. No.ParametersHDLCPPP
1.BasicsHDLC is an ISO-developed bit-oriented code-transparent synchronous data link layer protocol. PPP is a data link layer communication protocol for establishing a direct link between two nodes.
2.Stands forHDLC stands for High-level Data Link Control.PPP stands for Point-to-Point Protocol.
3.Protocol typeHDLC is a bit-oriented protocol.PPP is a byte-oriented protocol.
4.Configuration typeHDLC is implemented by Point-to-point link configuration and also multi-point link configurations.PPP is implemented by Point-to-Point configuration only.
5.LayerHDLC works at layer 2 (Data Link Layer).PPP works at layer 2 and layer 3 (Network Layer).
6.Dynamic AddressingDynamic addressing is not offered by HDLC.While in this Dynamic addressing is offered.
7.Media TypeHDLC is used in synchronous media.PPP is used in synchronous media as well as asynchronous media.
8.Error detectionHDLC does not offer error detection.PPP provides the feature of error detection using FCS (Frame Check Sequence) while transmitting data.
9.CompatibilityHDLC is not compatible with non-Cisco devices.PPP is compatible with non-Cisco devices.
10.FormatHDLC protocols have two types- ISO HDLC and CISCO HDLC.PPP uses a defined format of HDLC.
11.AuthenticationHDLC does not provide link authentication.PPP provides link authentication using protocols like PAP (Password Authentication Protocol) and CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol).
12.CostHDLC is more costly comparatively.PPP is comparatively less costly.
13.Link QualityHDLC does not offer the quality checking of established links.PPP offers the quality checking of the established links using LCP (Link Control Protocol).
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