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Difference between HBase and Cassandra

  • Last Updated : 29 Jun, 2020

1. HBase :
This model is used to provide random access to large amount of structured data. It build on the top of the hadoop file system and column-oriented in nature. It used to store the data in HDFS. It is open source database that provide the data replication. Three important components of HBase are HMaster, Region server, Zookeeper.

2. Cassandra :
Cassandra is designed to handle large amount of data across different commodity servers, providing high availability without any kind of failure. It has a distributed architecture which is able to handle a large amount of data. Data is placed on different machines with more than one replication factor to attain a high availability without any kind of failure.

Difference between HBase and Cassandra :

HBase is based on Bigtable.Cassandra is based on DynamoDB.
It is written in JAVA.It is also written in JAVA.
It has distributed database.It has decentralized database.
It has triggers.It doesn’t have triggers.
It has no secondary indexes.It has restricted secondary indexes.
Uses a selectable replication factor.Uses a selectable replication factor.
HBase provide more consistency.It provide less consistency.
HBase can handles upto 1000 nodes.It can handles upto 400 nodes.
HBase provide better performance than cassandra.It has less performance as compared to HBase.
HBase is less complex than Cassandra.It is more complex than HBase.

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