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Difference between Hardware and Tools

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  • Last Updated : 14 Dec, 2020
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1. Hardware :
Computer Hardware, as name suggest, are simply physical components or machinery or equipment’s of computer that are hard, tangible, produce a faster boot up time, and keep computer at peak efficiency.

2. Tools :
Tools, as name suggests, are set of programming tools mostly used by programmers, developers or system analysts to develop and maintain systems as well as make lives of developers easier and simple.

Difference between Hardware and Tools :

Computer Hardware are physical components used to make computer.Tools is a program used for software development.
It is physical component that helps computer system to function and in efficient manner.It usually help programmers or users to develop or create software applications as well as maintain their system.
Features of hardware includes tangible, physical component, visible, storing capacity, record-keeping, etc.Features of tools include resource allocation, handle input/output operations, program execution, protected and supervisor mode, etc.
Type of computer hardware includes input devices i.e. input raw data, processing devices i.e. process raw data into information, output devices i.e. disseminate data and information and storage devices i.e. retention of data and information, etc.Types of tools include program analysis tools, method-support tools, change management tools, editing tools, etc.
Benefits of hardware include store data, increase performance, increase efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, etc.Benefits of tools include increased efficiency, collaboration, project management, increase productivity, etc.
Its main purpose is to make any electronic or computer device work and execute tasks.It works directly with code and help to make lives of developers simpler and easier.
It can be touched because it is a physical part of computer.It cannot be touched because it runs on computer.
Hardware’s are important for computer to work properly and computer cannot function without computer hardware.It is important because it helps technicians to trouble shoot problems and develop software.
Computer hardware update is important as it keep computer system at peak efficiency.Software tools continue to evolve and change as needs of customer or programmers grow.

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