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Difference between Hardware and Processor

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  • Last Updated : 10 Dec, 2020
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1. Hardware :
Hardware, as name suggest, is simply a machine, wiring or other physical component of computer that can be seen and touched consists of written instructions that tell these physical components about what to do.

2. Processor :
Processor, as name suggests, is simply a machine or device that interpret commands and perform operations i.e. to receive input and provide appropriate output as well as allocate commands for other chips and components running in computer.

Difference between Hardware and Processor :

Computer Hardware are physicals components of digital or analog computer.Processor is a small chip present in electronic devices and computers.
It consist of written instructions that are used to tell physical components about what to do or perform.It is used to provide instructions and processing power that computer needs to do its work or function.
Features of hardware includes disk space, memory, processor, speed, usage, etc.Features of processor includes process size, socket type, processor make and model, cache size, clock speed, etc.
Benefits of hardware include reduce cost by automating routine tasks, increase employee morale, increase efficiency, etc.Benefits of processor includes fast calculation, basic computer functionality, dynamic circuit, reduce time, increase speed, etc.
Type of hardware includes Motherboard, CPU, RAM, Display Screen, etc.Type of processor includes single core processor, dual core processor, multicore processor, quad core processor, etc.
Its main purpose is make computer or other electronic device work and execute tasks.Its main purpose is process data i.e. receive input and provide appropriate output.
Computer Hardware are important for computer to function and computer cannot work without computer hardware’s.Processor is needed to run computer and without processor no power gets delivered to components.
Function of hardware includes input information, processing information, storing information, and displaying information.Functions of processor include fetching instructions, decode instructions, execute operations, write back.

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