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Difference between Hardware and Operating System

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  • Last Updated : 10 Dec, 2020
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1. Hardware :
Computer Hardware, as name suggest, are simply physical components or machinery or equipment’s of computer that are hard, tangible as well as considered heart of computer without which computer cannot function.

2. Operating System :
Operating System, as name suggests, is simply a system software runs on computer that manages all application programs in computer and provide interface among user and hardware.

Difference between Hardware and Operating System :

HardwareOperating System
Computer Hardware consists of physical parts of computer.Operating System is a translator between computer user and hardware.
It is physical component required for system to function without which computer will not start.It usually allows software and hardware to communicate and helps to make computer hardware available to application programs.
Features of hardware includes tangible, physical component, memory, storage capacity, power supply, etc.Features of operating system includes resource allocation, handle input/output operations, program execution, protected and supervisor mode, etc.
Type of computer hardware includes input devices, processing devices, output devices and storage devices, etc.Types of OS includes Batch OS, Real time OS, Mobile OS, Multiprocessing OS, Time sharing OS, etc.
Benefits of hardware include increase staff productivity, implement right business technology, store information, develop effective communication, etc.Benefits of OS includes eliminates external fragmentation, make it easy to allocate memory, easy to use with GUI, create abstraction, etc.
Functions of computer hardware includes input, processing, storage and output.Functions of OS includes manage computer resources, establish user interface, execute and provide services for application software.
Its main purpose is to make any electronic or computer device work and execute tasks.Its main purpose is translate language of hardware language into software language and then display it in human readable form.
It can be touched because it is a physical part of computer.It cannot be touched because it runs on computer.
Hardware’s are important for computer to work properly and computer cannot function without computer hardware’s.It is important because one cannot access computer hardware without operating system.

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