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Difference between Hardware and Networking

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2020
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1. Hardware :
Hardware, as name suggest, are tools, machines and other durable equipment’s i.e. physical part of components such as keyboard, mouse, sound card, etc. and are required to function.

2. Networking :
Networking, as name suggests, is simple exchange of information or services, allows devices to be connected to each other on network and help user to share resources and in communication.

Difference between Hardware and Networking :

Hardware are parts of computer or system of computers.Networking is used for connection of several computers.
It is used to setup any system.It is used to share file, resource, and protection of data.
Features of hardware includes diskspace, memory, speed, durability, etc.Features of networking includes communication speed, scalability, security, file sharing, reliability, etc.
Benefits of hardware includes develop effective communication, increase employee morale, reduce costs, etc.Benefits of networking includes strength business connections, advance career, build confidence, shared knowledge, exchange fresh ideas, etc.
Type of hardware includes hard disk, drives, keyboard, monitor, CPU, RAM or memory, etc.Types of networking includes Wireless Local Area Network (WAN), Local Area Network (LAN), Storage Area Network (SAN), etc.
Factors that are needed to be considered while selecting hardware includes quality and price, storage, brand, usability, etc.Factors that are needed to be considered while selecting networking includes hardware resources, future expansion, budget, ease of implementation, etc.
Its main purpose is to provide support to various functions such as input, processing, output and communication.Its main purpose is to share information, exchange advice, and helping others toward goals.

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