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Difference between Hardware and Middleware

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  • Last Updated : 15 Dec, 2020
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1. Hardware :
Hardware, as name suggest, are simply physical component of computer i.e. input device, processing devices, output devices and storage devices as well as make computer device work and execute tasks.

2. Middleware :
Middleware, as name suggests, are simply a type of software that handle various functions such as data management, application services, authentication, API management, etc. and provide services to application.

Difference between Hardware and Middleware :

Hardware are physical parts or devices or components that together makes computer system.Middleware are software lies between operating system and application.
It is used to facilitate computing operations along with taking input and output or storing computed results.It provide common services and capabilities to application other than what’s is offered by operating system.
Features of hardware includes processor, disk space, memory, usability, etc.Features of middleware includes reusability, self-discovery, self-configuration, flexibility, integration, etc.
Benefits of hardware includes reduce costs, improve customer service, develop effective communication, increase efficiency, etc.Benefits of middleware includes streamline process, improve efficiency, create different types of networked application, etc.
Its main purpose is make computer system work efficiently.Its main purpose is to enable communication and data management for distributed applications and connects two software together.
Hardware’s are important for computer to work properly and computer cannot function without computer hardware’s.Middleware support modern and popular runtimes for a variety of uses cases and thats why it is important.
Hardware are hard, physical and can be touched.Middleware are software’s that cannot be touched.
Hardware’s are mostly visible.Middleware’s are mostly invisible.
Hardware’s are designed to support functions such as input, processing, output, secondary storage and communication.Middleware’s are designed to support number of application architectures and eliminate difficulty of integration.

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