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Difference between Hardware and Liveware

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  • Last Updated : 14 Dec, 2020
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1. Hardware :
Hardware, as name suggest, is simply a type of physical device or component that are hard, rigid, used to make computer, and require upgrade to improve performance and increase capacity.

2. Liveware :
Liveware, as name suggests, are peoples, programmers, or other personnel that use computers and are involved in operation of computer system and referred to human expertise in computer system.

Difference between Hardware and Liveware :

Computer Hardware are physical components that make computer work.Liveware are peoples that operate computer system using hardware and software.
These are devices that make any electronic or computer device work and execute tasks.These are people who make computer system work behind scenes.
Functions of hardware includes input, processing, storage and output.Functions of liveware includes structural support, environmental control, operate computer system, etc.
Computer hardwares are needed to be replaced when it gets failed and does not work properly.People need to increase their knowledge and skills with changing technologies to work efficiently with new technologies.
Its main purpose is to support functions such as input, processing, output, secondary storage and communication.There purpose is to perform small complex task that computer cant perform or do and are needed in field of IT.
Hardware’s are important for computer to work properly and computer cannot function without computer hardware’s.Computer cannot do any thing by itself therefore livewares are required for interaction among hardware and software and there will be no computer without liveware.
Hardware does not get tired of working for hours.Peoples usually gets tired of working for hours.
These are physical component of computer that are directed by software to execute any command or instruction.These are people or users that use computer in day to day activity.

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