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Difference between Hardware and Freeware

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1. Hardware : 
Hardware, as name suggest, is simply a machine, wiring or other physical component of computer such as CPU, monitor, keyboard, etc. without which computer cannot exist and makes computer run. 

2. Freeware : 
Freeware, as name suggests, is simply a commercial software that anyone can download it for free from internet for unlimited time with no expire date but closed source with some restrictions. 

Difference between Hardware and Freeware :

Computer Hardware are physical components that make computer system.Freeware is a software that is free to use.
It consist of written instructions that are used run software more efficiently.It is used to make it easier for customer or user to understand how program actually works.
Features of hardware includes disk space, storage, process raw data, speed, usage, compatibility, security, etc.Features of freeware includes provide full freedom, truly user-oriented, provide better security, etc.
Benefits of hardware include reduce cost by automating routine tasks, extend your business, increase productivity, etc.Benefits of freeware includes all features are free, programs can be distributed free of cost, no monopolies, available at free of cost, etc.
Type of hardware includes input devices, processing devices, output devices, storage devices, etc.Type of freeware includes free software, closed source freeware, open source software, public domain software, non-copylefted free software, etc.
Its main purpose is to provide support major functions i.e. input, process, output, store and communication.Its main purpose is fully functional for an unlimited time with more capable version available.
Computer Hardware are important for computer to work and computer cannot work without computer hardware’s.Freeware software are not as much needed to run computer.
These are not available at free of cost.These are available at free of cost.
One can sell hardware components.One cannot sell freeware software’s.
It can be touched.It cannot be touched.
Last Updated : 05 Jan, 2023
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