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Difference between Hardware and Framework

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  • Last Updated : 10 Dec, 2020
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1. Hardware :
Computer Hardware, as name suggest, are simply physical elements or machinery or equipment’s of computer that are hard or rigid i.e. cannot be changed or modified but can be upgraded with time by adding new additional hardware’s to computer.

2. Framework :
Framework, as name suggests, is simply a supporting structure or tool that provide platform for developing software’s and contain some set of rules, ideas which one can use in order to deal with certain issues and decide what to do.

Difference between Hardware and Framework :

Computer Hardware consists of physical components of computer.Framework is a platform for developing software applications.
It is set of instructions used to operate computer and execute particular tasks.It usually provides platforms on which software developers can develop programs for a specific platform.
Features of hardware includes storage capacity, performance, usage, maintenance, input data, etc.Features of framework includes guaranteed upgradability and maintenance, investigate in task rather than technology, etc.
Benefits of hardware include reduce cost by automating routine tasks, store data, allow interaction between user and computer, perform set of instructions, etc.Types of framework includes modular testing framework, linear scripting framework, mobile development frameworks, etc.
Type of hardware includes input devices, processing devices, output devices, storage devices, etc.Benefits of framework includes code is more secure, consistent development coding, better programming practices, reduce time required to develop software, etc.
Its main purpose is to allow on to interact with computer as well as store data for later use.Its main purpose is allow designers and developers to develop better and faster and save time.
Hardware’s are important for computer to work properly and computer cannot function without computer hardware’s.Framework is not that much necessary for computer to run as compared to hardware.
It can be touched.It cannot be touched.
Hardware are not that much hard to learn and use as compared to frameworks.Frameworks are hard to learn and reuse.

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