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Difference between Hardware and Equipment

Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2020
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1. Hardware :
Hardware, as name suggest, is simply a physical part of computer that is required to function, necessary for conducting activity and affects production quality and quantity.

2. Equipment :
Equipment, as name suggest, are physical resources that are needed for specific purpose and is important to reduce risk associated with workplace hazards that in turn provide safer and healthier working environment.

Difference between Hardware and Equipment :

Hardware Equipment
Hardware are physical equipment’s of computer. Equipment are physical resources to equip a thing.
It is used to manufacture or operate business. It consist of tools used to achieve a particular or specific objective.
Features of hardware includes weight, processor, disk space, memory of appliance, etc. Features of equipment includes maintainability, tangibility, durability, etc.
Benefits of hardware includes reduce costs by automating tasks, improve customer service, less prone to failure, produce faster boot up time, etc. Benefits of equipment’s include save time, grab more opportunities, save money, requires less labor, less manpower needed, etc.
Type of hardware includes monitor, CPU, Expansion cards, power supply unit, etc. Type of equipment’s includes telefax equipment, typewriters, test equipment’s, construction equipment’s, etc.
Its main purpose is provide support to major functions i.e. input, process, output and storage. Its main purpose is to maintain top functionality and minimize breakdowns as well as enhance performance.
Factors that are needed to be considered while selecting hardware includes management, organization, quality and price, technical support, ease of use, etc. Factors that are needed to be considered while selecting equipment includes size of equipment, use in future projects, past performance, service support, operating requirements, suitability for job conditions, etc.

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