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Difference between Hardware and Computer Platform

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1. Hardware: Hardware, as the name suggests, is simply a type of software system consisting of physical components that make the computer run and consists of interconnected electronic devices that one can use to control operations, input, and output of the computer. Example: CPU, Motherboard. 

2. Computer Platform: Computer Platform, as the name suggests, is simply computer hardware or software architecture that acts as the foundation of a computer system and is considered as a group of technologies upon which other technologies are developed. 


  • A Desktop or Laptop with Windows as its operating system (Desktop is hardware and Windows is an Operating System)
  • An Apple computer running the Mac OS X operating system 

Difference between Hardware and Computer Platform:

S. No. Parameters Hardware Computer Platform
1. Definition Computer Hardware is the physical part of the computer.  A computer platform is computer hardware or software architecture.
2. Usage It is used to take input, store data, display output, and execute commands. It is used to host any technology on which other technologies are built.
3. Features Features of hardware include functionality, portability, efficiency, user documentation, etc. Features of computer platforms include functionality, abstraction, architecture, etc.
4. Benefits Benefits of software include increase employee morale, improve customer service, developing more effective communication, increase staff productivity, etc. Benefits of computer platform include cost-effective development, reduce pressure on internal resources, future-proofing, etc.
5. Functionality Hardware is a physical component that a computer system needs to function. The platform provides a set of capabilities one can use when writing software.
6. Types Type of hardware includes input devices, processing devices, output devices, memory storage devices, etc. Type of Computer platform includes third platform, mobile platform, cloud platform, hardware platform, etc.
7. Main purpose Its main purpose is capture data, transform it and present it to users as output. Its main purpose is to provide a digital platform on which other technologies are developed.
8. Consists of It consists of physical parts of a computer such as CPU, Motherboard, input, Memory, etc. It consists of hardware resources such as processor, main memory, timers, etc., and operating system that an application, program, and process runs upon.
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Last Updated : 16 Jun, 2022
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