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Difference between Hard drives and Flash drives

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  • Last Updated : 13 Jul, 2020
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1. Hard drives :
Hard drive is a non-volatile data storage device which is used to expand the computer’s memory. Generally, it is installed internally in the computer and is directly connected to the disk control of the motherboard of the computer. It consists of one or more platters placed inside an air-seal cover. The data is written on platters using a magnetic head that moves quickly over them as they spin.

2. Flash drives :
Flash drives are not used for long storage and backup of files, but only for quick file transfer. Flash drives are convenient compared to hard drives and can be used to expand memory. Flash drive does not need a power source for memory storage and can greatly help to increase laptop battery.

Difference between Flash drive and Hard drive :

S.No.Hard drivesFlash drives
1.Hard drives need power source for memory storage.While it does not need a power source for memory storage.
2.Hard drive may have large memory capacity as compared to flash drives.While it does not have a large memory capacity like a hard drive.
3.Hard drives are inexpensive compared to flash drives.While flash drives are costlier than hard drive.
4.Hard drives are slower than flash drives.While flash drives are faster than hard drives.
5.Hard drives consume more power than similar capacity flash drives.Whereas flash drives consume up to half of the power consumed by similar capacity hard drives.
6.Hard drives are less durable than flash drives.Whereas flash drives are more durable than hard drives.
7.The hard drive has an average speed of 120 MB per second.While the read / write speed of many flash drives can exceed 500 MB/s.

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