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Difference between Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Solid State Drive (SSD)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 04 Aug, 2022
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Many users are in a quandary over the choice of either HDD or SDD. There is not a universal answer, as there are merits and demerits to both of them. The choice is heavily dependent on the user, their needs and budget. 

Similarities between HDD and SDD:

  • Both are used to store data.
  • Both are used to boot the system.
  • Both are I/O devices.

Differences between HDD and SDD :

S. No.ParameterHDDSSD
1.Full FormHDD stands for Hard Disk Drive.SSD stands for Solid State Drive.
2.ComponentsHDD contains moving mechanical parts, like the arm.SSD does not contains, mechanical parts, only electronical parts like ICs.
3.R/W TimeHDD has longer R/W time.SSD has shorter R/W time..
4.LatencyHDD has higher latency.SSD has lower latency.
5.I/O operations per secondHDD supports fewer I/O operations per second.SSD supports more I/O operations per second.
6.FragmentationHDD has fragmentation.SSD does not have fragmentation.
7.WeightHDD is heavier in weight.SSD is lighter in weight.
8.SizeHDD is larger in size.SSD is more compact in size.
9.Data TransferIn HDD the data transfer is sequential.In SSD the data transfer is random access.
10.ReliabilityHDD is less reliable due to possibility of mechanical failure, like head crash and susceptibility to strong magnets.SSD is more reliable.
11.CostHDD is cheaper per unit storage.SSD is costlier per unit storage.
12.Time of ReleaseHDD is older and more traditional.SSD is newer to use.
13.NoiseHDD can produce noise due to mechanical movements.SSD does not produces noise.
14.AvailabilityThe availability of HDD in a variety of capacities.The availability of SSD is limited in terms of variety of storage capacities as compared to HDD.
15.BreakdownIt is more likely to breakdown after more uses because of the magnetic platters and moving mechanical parts.It is less likely to breakdown as compared to HDD because of no moving parts.
16.Old/NewHDD drives are more established and traditional. A more recent kind of storage drive is an SSD.
17.Long term storageHDDs are more reliable for long-term storage.SSDs are comparatively less reliable for long-term storage due to data leaks that can occur if kept unpowered for more than a year.
18.Access speedThe data accessing speed is slower as compared to SSD.The data accessing speed is much higher as compared to HDD.
19.PerformanceThe performance suffers because of fragmentation.The performance does not suffer because of fragmentation.
20.Suitable for

HDDs are suitable for

  • Extensive storage
  • Long-term storage

SSDs are suitable for

  • Fast data retrieval 
  • Laptop or desktop because of low power consumption and size.
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