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Difference between Hard Disk and Floppy Disk

  • Last Updated : 14 May, 2020

Magnetic Disk is a disk made up of metal or plastic which is used for storing data. Normally both side of the disc is used for storing data. Magnetic Disk is classified as:

1. Hard Disk :
Hard Disk is the magnetic disk made of aluminium. It is used as main storage device on the computer. It uses metallic disk which is known as platter. Both sides of disk is used for storing data except the upper side of the uppermost disk and lower side of the lowermost disk. Magnetic oxide is used to coat the data storing surface.

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2. Floppy Disk :
Floppy disk is the magnetic disk which contains single plastic disk. In the initial days of computer invention it was used as main storage device, later on it was used for carrying data from one computer to another but now-a-days it is almost not used. It requires floppy drive for the operation.

Difference between Hard Disk and Floppy Disk :

It is magnetic disk made of aluminium.It is magnetic disk made of plastic.
It is used as main storage device of computer.Initially it was used as main storage device but now-a-days it is not used.
It uses 2-4 metallic disk called platter.It contains single plastic disk.
Data storing surface is coated by magnetic oxide.Data storing surface is exposed.
It is reliable.It is not as reliable as hard disk.
Storage capacity is very high.Storage capacity is low.
Stores data at high speed.Stores data at low speed.
Retrieves data at high speed.Data access relatively slow.
Data can not be damaged or corrupted.Data cane be damaged or corrupted.
It is not portable easily.It is easily portable.
Weight is heavier than floppy disk.It has lighter weight.
It is very costly compared to floppy disk.It is quite cheap.
Security from viruses is better.Susceptible to viruses.
It is widely used now-a-days.It is very less used almost not used.

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