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Difference between H.323 and SIP

  • Last Updated : 03 Jul, 2020

H.323 :
H.323 is that the phonephone based mostly system. And its design is monolithic design. The extent or quantifiability of H.323 is restricted and it’s very little versatile. H.323 doesn’t give the power of instant electronic messaging.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP):
SIP is the session layer protocol. Its design is standard design. Sip is healthier ascendible than H.323 and it’s a lot of versatile than H.323 also. Sip provides the ability of instant electronic messaging.

Let’s see that the difference between H.323 and SIP:

1.H.323 is monolithic architecture.SIP is modular architecture.
2.The scalability of H.323 is limited.SIP is better scalable.
3.H.323 is a little bit flexible.It is more flexible.
4.H.323 does not provide the facility of instant messaging.SIP provides the facility of instant messaging.
5.H.323 is absolute complex in terms of complexity.It is moderate complex in terms of complexity.
6.The message format of H.323 is in binary form.While the message format of sip is in ASCII format.
7.It is not compatible with internet.While it is compatible with internet.
8.H.323 is built entirely on telephone systems.While SIP completely depends on internet connection.

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