Difference between H.323 and SIP

H.323 :
H.323 is a standard for real-time audio and video conferencing over the Internet. H.323 also specifies how end system are attached to Internet by circuit switched telephone network.

Session Initiator protocol describes establishment, management and termination of multimedia session. Multimedia sessions can be Internet telephone call video conferencing.

Difference between of H.323 and SIP :

H.323 SIP
It is compatible with PSTN. It is not compatible with PSTN.
H.323 is not internet compatible. SIP is internet compatible.
It follows monolithic architecture. It follows modular architecture.
It uses Binary message format. It uses ASCII message format.

For Addressing purpose it uses Host or Telephone numbers. For Addressing it uses URL.
It does not support instant messaging. It supports instant messaging.
Large and complex Implementation. Moderate Implementation.
Designed by ITU. Designed by IETF.

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