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Difference between GUI Testing and Usability Testing

  • Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2020
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1. GUI Testing :
It is the technique for making sure the appropriate performance of the graphical user interfaces for a precise application. GUI testing typically evaluates a sketch of elements such as layout, hues, and additionally fonts, font sizes, labels, textual content boxes, textual content formatting, captions, buttons, lists, icons, hyperlinks, and content.

2. Usability Testing :
It is the exercise of checking out how effortless a plan is to use on a group of representative users. It generally includes looking at customers as they strive to complete duties and can be performed for unique sorts of designs, from user interfaces to bodily products.

Difference between GUI Testing and Usability Testing :

S.No.GUI TestingUsability Testing
1.It is used to test the front-end part of any application.It measures the extent of the friendliness of the User Interface part and overall functioning of the software.
2.It focuses on the look and feel of an application.It focuses on the friendliness of an application.
3.It assures the look and feel of an application by matching with standards and user requirements.It assures that the user should be comfortable to use any app by making its design easy.
4.In this, an application should be amazing in look whether it is easy to use or not.In this, an application should be easy to use whether its appearance is up to the mark or not.
5.The testing is performed on various platforms just to make sure its appearance will be perfect.It tests the app to check its difficulty level.
6.In this type of testing, we do not test the functionality of an app.In this type of testing, we test the functionality of an app to check that is it user friendly or not.
7.It concerns the interface part of the software.It focuses on the product quality of software.

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