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Difference between Google Meet and Cisco Webex

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  • Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2022

1. Google Meet : 
This software developed by Google Inc. is a video conferencing software. It can be downloaded and used from web, app, android and iOS platforms. Google Meet has the provision of having at most 16 people on the video screen at a particular time. The provision for recording meetings for further usage is also available here. It has integration with G-suite, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google sheets and Google Notes. 


2. Cisco Webex : 
It is an online web conferencing and video calling software. It has screen sharing features. It comes with record-able meeting options. Cisco Webex can have up to one lakh participants in a conference at once. This application can be integrated with Google Drive, Google tasks and several such applications. 


Difference between Google Meet and Cisco Webex 

S.No.Google MeetCisco Webex
1.The app download is necessary.App download is necessary unless joining via phone (audio only) is preferred.
2.This does not have face touch up.Appearance touch up feature is not available in this.
3.It has phone, video call and chat facility.It has video call, phone calls and chatting functionality.
4.Desktop version or app on Android or iOS devices is available.It can be accessed on PC and mobile.
5.It has no background customization.Blur or replace background facility is available in it.
6.There is no privacy if you are working from home.It does not provide additional privacy by adding virtual background.
7.250 participants can collaborate in it.It can handle up to 100000 participants.
8.It allows 60 minutes of video calls.40 minutes video calls is available in it.
9.It can cost between $6 and $12 per month for paid version.It has paid versions with price tags of $13.50, $17.95 and $26.95
10.It has up to 16 people on screen at once.It has a unique locking system which decides whose video is to be seen on screen, the rest are visible as thumbnails. The host can chose if he wants to select all videos for viewing.
11.It has integration with G Suite Google Docs Google Drive Google sheets and Google notes.It can be integrated with Google Drive, Google tasks and several such applications.
12.It is very secure. Host can mute, admit or deny participants. It has complex meeting ID that is resilient to brute force hacking attempts. People can join in only 15 minutes before the meeting which is done to prevent the attack. New people, who have not been invited originally need to send a request to join.Webex is solid, reliable and overall secure.
13.It aims at anybody with a Google account.Its main focus is business entities.
14.Collaboration in terms of office documents cannot be done done.It cannot be used to collaborate in terms of Microsoft office documents.
15.Direct schedule from Gmail inbox is not possible.Direct schedule from Gmail inbox is not supported by Webex.
16.It has intelligent noise filtering.It does not have any noise cancellation mechanism.
17.It is developed by Google LLC.It has been developed by Cisco Webex company.
18.It was developed in the month of March in 2017.Cisco Webex came into existence in 2007 when Cisco acquired Webex.

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