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Difference Between FTP and SSH

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1. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
It is a web standard that lets in the technique of document downloading and uploading on distinct pc structures from the internet. It includes unique sorts of record types. File Transfer Protocol or FTP, is a protocol that used to be created for the transferring of files from a remote place to a local computer, or vice versa. It is primarily used for transferring the web page files from their creator to the pc that acts as a server for different computer systems on the internet.

2. Secure SHell (SSH) :
It is a kind of cryptographic network protocol that can be used for moving encrypted information over the network. It lets you connect with a server or more than one server, while not having you keep in mind or input your password for each device.

Difference Between FTP and SSH :

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1. It offers communication that is distance-dependent. Its communication does not depend on distance.
2. It is less secure and not suited in critical situations. It offers secure communication.
3. It cannot be used in case of tunneling. In a situation like tunneling, we can use SSH.
4. It offers few features and options during communication. It has more features than FTP.
5. It provides fewer functionalities than SSH. It offers more functionalities than FTP.
6. For communication, it runs on port number 21. It runs on port number 22.
7. In this, Data encryption is not there that means FTP is unencrypted. It provides data encryption which means SSH is encrypted.
8. It is a protocol that is used for transferring files from a local client to a remote server. While SSH is used for the communication between two computers that are connected by some electrical medium.
9. FTP is generally faster. While SSH is generally slower as compared to FTP.
10. FTP supports the built into most modern browsers. while SSH does not supports for many modern browsers.
11. FTP only allows the file transfer. SSH allows the remote file transfer as well as shell access. 
12. In FTP, Computers are not connected. In SSH, Computers are connected by electrical connection.
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Last Updated : 14 Dec, 2022
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