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Difference between Fixed VOIP and Non-Fixed VOIP

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Prerequisite – Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) 

1. Fixed VOIP Phone System : 
Fixed Phone system is a cloud based phone system which is made to send and receive phone call having an IP network. A fixed VoIP phone system is always linked with a physical address. In businesses the fixed VoIP phone system is mostly used because of security factor. That’s the reason for the contact information is always remains secure and more private. 

Pros Of Fixed VOIP Phone System :  

  • The most important advantages of VoIP phone system is security. Because of leaks of any information and communication details the company can go public digitally.
  • There is one more advantages of fixed VoIP phone system is linked with your address so that when we dial any emergency number, the calls were redirected to the emergency service center in your locality.

Cons Of Fixed VOIP Phone System :  

  • International calls are expensive in fixed VoIP phone system.
  • We only used the VoIP phone number when we are in a specific country, we can not get that when we are in out of our country.
  • High charges when we get any international calls.

2. Non-Fixed VOIP Phone System : 
Non-fixed VoIP phone system does not need to link in any physical address. It only can be linked in to geographic location in all over the world. It comes about the international communication, the non-fixed VoIP numbers have an edge. It lacks a lot of authentication touch that would normally works with the community of business network. Non-fixed VoIP phone system was normally used in individuals or for personal uses. Non-fixed VoIP phone numbers were normally belongs as a virtual phone numbers. 

Pros Of Non-fixed VOIP Phone System :  

  • The most important advantages of the Non-fixed VoIP phone system is we are globally communicate with people very easily and almost free of charges.
  • Its useful for those companies which has branches of worldwide or business that makes them to go for global expansion.
  • In non-fixed VoIP numbers, in every area or in location they assigned specific code. So when someone calls, the identification is known local because of the area code.

Cons Of Non-fixed VOIP Phone System :  

  • There is a way where the calls can be fraud or spam callers, who can easily hacked our accounted or information.
  • Basically these type of phone system were access by internet so that the server is not secure at all.
  • Those numbers are easily can be hacked by professional hackers or else.
  • And we can put confidential information through this typeof phone system, cause of risk of hackers.

Difference between Fixed VOIP and Non-Fixed VOIP : 

01.Fixed VoIP got expensive in international calls.In non-fixed VoIP has almost free of cost in calls.
02.The contact information in these phone system is secure and more private.In these phone system information might be hacked by professional hackers.
03.Fixed VOIP is linked to physical address.Non-Fixed VOIP is not linked to physical address.
04.It is normally used publicly.It is normally used for individuals.
05.Local numbers provides a sense of authenticity and trustworthiness.Non-fixed numbers can be cheaper and more cost efficient for long distance calls.
06.It is suitable for Stable business.It is suitable for growing business.
07.This includes Vonage, Broad Voice and cox.This includes Google voice and Skype.
08.Got easy access to emergency services and its response time is fast.Does not support emergency services and its response time is slower that fixed VoIP.
09.Fixed VOIP numbers are trackable.Non-Fixed VOIP numbers are not trackable.
10.In fixed VOIP monthly or yearly price paid for use.In non fixed VOIP, it is typically free.
11.Fixed numbers from a VOIP company will offer better feature for business.Non-fixed systems only provide one to one calls and less stringent security.
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Last Updated : 28 Oct, 2021
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