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Difference between Firm Real-time Tasks and Soft Real-time Tasks

  • Last Updated : 16 May, 2020

Real-time tasks are generally classified as – Hard and Soft but on a wide range, Real-time tasks are classified as:

  1. Hard Real-time Tasks
  2. Firm Real-time Tasks
  3. Soft Real-time Tasks

1. Firm Real-time Tasks :
Firm real-time tasks are such type of real-time tasks which are associated with time bound and the task need to produce the result within the deadline. Although firm real-time task is different from hard real-time task as in hard real-time once deadline is crossed and task is not completed, system fails but in case of firm real-time task even after the passing of deadline, system does not fail.


1. Video conferencing
2. Satellite based tracking 

2. Soft Real-time Tasks :
Soft real-time tasks are such type of real-time tasks which are also associated with time bound but here timing constraints are not expressed as absolute values. In soft real-time tasks, even after the deadline result is not considered incorrect and system failure does not occur.


1. Web browsing
2. Railway Ticket Reservation 

Difference between Firm and Soft Real-time Tasks :

It needs to be completed within the deadline.It also needs to be completed within deadline but not strictly.
The value of associated timing constraint is taken as absolute.The value of associated timing constraint is taken as average value.
The utility of result becomes zero after the deadline.The utility of result decreases after the deadline but it gradually becomes zero.
Result obtained after deadline is considered incorrect.Result obtained after deadline is not incorrect.
It is widely used in multimedia applications.It is less used in such applications.
It is less used in practical applications.It is widely used in practical applications.
Example: Satellite based tracking.Example: Railway ticket reservation.

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