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Difference between File and Folder

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  • Last Updated : 13 Aug, 2019

A File is defined as a set of related data or information that is being stored in secondary storage. A file is data file or a program file where former contains data and information in the form of alphanumeric, numeric or binary and latter containing the program code and can also be executed, is a program file.


It is used to contain many other folders and files. We can have any number of folders, and each folder can have different/numerous entries depending on the files created where each file has a position in a parent folder.


Difference between File and Folder:

1.ExtensionsFiles can have extensions.Folders does not have any extensions.
2.OrganizationsSerial, sequential, indexed sequential and direct file organizations.Single directory per user and multiple directory per user organization.
3.Contain other same entityNo.Yes.
4.BasicCollection of data.A place to store a group of related files and folders.
5.Space consumptionThere is a specific size of a file.Folder does not consume space in the memory.
6.PropertiesIt has Name, Extension, Date, Time, Length and Protection attributes.It has Name, Date, Time and Protection attributes.
7.After CreationAfter creation, We can open, save, rename, print, email and modify file content.After creation, We can move, rename and delete folders.
8.Share on NetworkWe can not share file on network.We can share folder on network.

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