Difference between Fastag, QR Code and NFC

1. Fastag :
Fastag provides a new way of paying toll taxes by scanning the tag using a scanner. The toll tax is deducted directly from the bank account of the driver. This makes the collection and paying of the toll taxes hassle free and much quicker than traditional cash methods.

Fastag option on paytm appication

2. QR code :
QR codes present a new way of storing data in a pictorial format. This data is scanned by a QR code scanner to know what it contains. These are widely used in social media platforms and contactless payment services.

QR Code that scans to www.geeksforgeeks.org

3. Near Field Communication (NFC) :
NFC is a method of close distance communication and data transfer using the inductive coupling of the antennas in the devices. It provides rules for communication between the two connected devices. It is a relative new technology and was developed in 2002 by Franz Amtmann and Philippe Mangars.

NFC on a speaker

Difference between Fastag, QR Code and NFC :

S.No. Fastag QR code NFC
1. 2014 was its year of development. 1994 was its year of development. 2002 was its year of development.
2. It was developed by National Payments Corporation of India. It was developed by Masahiro Hara. It was developed by Franz Amtmann and Philippe Mangars.
3. There is no further subdivision of Fastags. It is only of 1 type (no subdivision). It is only of 1 type (no subdivision).
4. Method of collection of toll taxes, using the RFID technology. Type of 2D barcode or printed representation of data that can be scanned for data retrieval. Communication protocol for communication between devices (electronic) within a distance of 4cm.
5. National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) uses it for collection of toll taxes. It is used in supermarkets, hospitals, cinema or by individuals etc. for transfer of data (sharing contacts, photos, videos and other documents). It is used as identity cards, as key cards and as a method of contactless payments and mobile payments in various sectors such as retail, automobile, cinema etc.
6. Based on RFID technology. Based on Morse Code technology. Based on inductive coupling between antennas of the devices.
7. Line of sight is not required. It needs the line of sight. It needs proximity (distance 4 centimetres, hence the name, Near field).
8. Several Fastags can be scanned and processed at once. Only one QR code is scanned and processed at once. Only one NFC is scanned and processed at once.

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