Difference between Ethernet and LAN

In practical, concept of LAN have possible because of Ethernet.
The main difference between Ethernet and LAN is that Ethernet’s working function is decentralized on the other hand LAN’s working functions is centralized. And another difference is that, There is limitation take place in transmission of Ethernet while there is no limitation take place in transmission of LAN.

Now, we shall see the difference between Ethernet and LAN:

S.NO Ethernet LAN
1. Ethernet is the second name given to thePrevalent Packet Switched LAN technology. LAN stand for Local Area Network.
2. Ethernet uses the bus topology and star topology. While LAN uses the both bus and star topology as well as ring topology.
3. Control of Ethernet is decentralized. While control of LAN is centralized.
4. In Ethernet guided transmission media is used. While in LAN both guided and unguided transmission media are used.
5. Reliability of Ethernet is low. While reliability of LAN is high.
6. There is limitation take place in transmission of Ethernet. While there is no limitation take place in transmission of LAN.

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