Difference between ER Model and RDBMS

1. ER (Entity- Relationship) Model :
ER model stands for entity relationship model. It specifies the structure of a database by giving the relationship between the entities of the system. An entity set is a group of entities that are similar to each other. It is considered as a conceptual design which can further be used to implement a database. It helps us to understand the association between different entities in a easy way with the help of a pictorial representation. ER model is generally constructed before making the database. The ER model is used to portray the real world entities and the associations between them.

2. RDBMS (Relational Database management system) :
RDBMS stands for Relational Database management system which is a database management system that is designed for relational databases according to the model which was given by E.F.Codd. Relational database stores data in a well structured format in the form of tables which makes it easier to retrieve data when it is required. It has efficient query processing techniques for retrieval of data.In RDBMS multiple tables can be present and the tables can be related to each other. RDBMS is the most used database management model nowdays.

Difference between ER Model and RDBMS :

1. ER model is a high level data model which tells us about the relationship between the entities. RDBMS is a database management system which has a collection of tables which are related to each other.
2. ER model is easier to understand as it is in pictorial form. RDBMS is comparatively more complex than ER model.
3. ER model is made before the construction of database to get an idea of the database. RDBMS is an implementation of the ER diagram.
4. ER model has attributes, entities and relationships as its main components. RDBMS has tuples, domains, keys as its main components.
5. ER model has mapping cardinalities. RDBMS doesn’t have mapping cardinalities.
7. It requires comparatively less skillful people to construct the ER model. It requires more skillful people to deal with the database systems.

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