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Difference between encapsulation and decapsulation

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Overview :
This article will make you aware about Encapsulation & Decapsulation, and their differences. In any type transmission of data, it is very important to ensure and establish a secure communication between two or more networks or devices. And this whole transmission is considered efficient only if the amount of time involved during this process is minimized.

Encapsulation :              
Encapsulation refers to attaching new information in the Application Layer data as it is passed onto next layers in the TCP/IP model. This additional information basically divided into two parts, Header and Trailer. These are elements attached in order to make the transmission more smoother, on each layer a PDU (Protocol Data Unit) is generated. The concept of Encapsulations can be summarized in the screenshot attached ahead.  

Decapsulation :
Decapsulation refers to the removal of all these additional information and extraction of originally existing data, and this process continues till the last layer i.e. the Application Layer. This process removes, fragments of distinct information in each layer as it approaches that layer. Here is the pictorial representation of the whole process. 

Difference between encapsulation and decapsulation :
Now, Let us look at the differences between Encapsulation and Decapsulation.



1.The data moment starts from the upper layer and terminates finally on the lowest layer.Whereas, here the data moves from the lower layer till the upper layer.
2.The process involves addition of header and trailer section.This process involves removal of header and trailer sections
3.This process executes first and is followed by decapsulation.This process executes once encapsulation is finally completed.
4.It occurs inside the source device.It occurs inside the destination device.


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Last Updated : 30 Sep, 2021
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