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Difference between Emulator and Debugger
  • Last Updated : 23 Feb, 2021

1. Emulator :
Emulator, as name suggests, is basically hardware or software that enables one device to behave as if it were something else. It usually works by mimicking guest’s device architecture. It is very useful especially in video games as it allows users to increase in-game resolution and play with various controllers. It is also useful when original system is very difficult or hard to obtain and analog-digital adapter cannot be obtained.

Example : BlueSticks, Nestopia, etc.

2. Debugger :
Debugger, as name suggests, is a program that identifies and fix bugs in program. It simply provides maximum useful information of data structures and also enables easy interpretation. It detects and remove existing potential errors in software code. It is considered as an important tool for troubleshooting in software.

Example : Firefox JavaScript Debugger, LLDB, etc.

Difference between Emulator and Debugger :



It is a tool that allows one computer system to imitate or limit functions of another computer system.  It is a tool that allows programmers to test and debug target program. 
It allows host system to run software or use peripheral devices that designed for guest system.  It allows user to step through another program one line at a time.  
It makes it possible to use android apps on Windows and Mac.It makes it possible to run target program under controlled conditions. 
It generally helps to turn PC into Mac and let you plan games from any era. It generally helps to identify errors in computer program and to fix them.  
It emulates processor by using expensive bond-out processor connecting to plug.  It provides equivalent access on using on-chip debugging hardware with standard production processors.  
It is simply used as a substitute for main controller or eprom, etc.  It is simply used to reproduce conditions in which error has occurred and then to examine program state at that time and locate cause.  
It can debug at controller hw level.  It is used for external signal debugging only.
It is really important as it bridge gap between devices that allows program to work on all sorts of hardware.  It is really important as it reports error condition as soon as possible.  
It simply makes or creates virtual android device on computer.It simply makes software development process stress-free and unproblematic. 






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