Difference between Elasticsearch and Solr

1. Elasticsearch :
It is an full text search and open-source engine. It is platform independent and can be run on any platform because it is built on java programming language. It allows user to access very large amount of data at very high speed.

2. Solr :
It is used to build search applications and an open-source platform. The applications that are built using Solr give very high performance. Solr is used with Hadoop as Hadoop handles huge amount of data, Solr helps us in find out the required information from such a large source.


Difference between Elasticsearch and Solr :

Solr Elasticsearch
In solr push queries are not supported. Push queries are supported.
It doesn’t support search across multiple indexes. It supports search across multiple indexes.
Grouping of result is possible. Grouping of result is not possible.
It supports spellcheck. It doesn’t support spellcheck.
Query elevation is possible. Query elevation is not possible.
It built for Web Search. It built for scalable search.
It Supports Deduplication. It doesn’t Support Deduplication.
It supports document structure. It supports nested object.
In solr update requires configuration change. In Elasticsearch update requires custom change.
Analyzers are predefined. Analyzers are set during query.

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