Difference between E-paper and LCD

1. Electronic Paper (E-Paper) :
Electronic paper, or Electronic Ink Display (EID), is the representation of ink on paper with the use of technology.

2. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) :
LCD is a flat panel display technology, mainly used in TVs and computer monitors, nowadays it is also used in mobile phones. These LCDs are completely different from old CRT displays as they use liquid crystals instead of cathode ray in their primary form of operation.

Difference between E-paper and LCD :

S. No. Category E-paper LCD
1. Full Form E-paper stands for Electronic paper LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display.
2. Definition E-paper or Electronic paper, a.k.a Electronic Ink Display (EID), is the representation of ink on paper with the use of technology. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is a flat panel display technology which uses liquid crystals instead of cathode ray in its primary form of display operation.
3. Thickness E-paper is about 1 millimeter in thickness. LCD is relatively thicker (approximately 7 millimeters)
4. Screen Material E-paper uses both glass and plastic screens. Only glass screen is found in case of LCD.
5. Readability in Sunlight E-paper is easily readable in sunlight. LCD makes it difficult to read in sunlight.
6. Portability It is easier to carry E-paper due to its light weight. It is relatively difficult to carry LCD due to its heaviness which is because of the glass screen and power systems.
7. Power Requirements It is capable of holding text and images indefinitely without drawing electricity. LCD needs power to hold images.
8. View E-paper has a viewing angle of 180 degrees, i.e. it can be viewed from anywhere if you are in front of it. LCD can be best viewed only from the center front of the screen.
9. Pixel Visibility E-paper uses reflection of light for pixels to be visible LCD uses back light illumination for pixel visibility.
10. Commercial Examples Amazon Kindle 2, Kindle DX, Touch and Kindle Paperwhite Samsung, Sony and LG LCD televisions

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