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Difference between Downloading and Uploading

Last Updated : 17 Apr, 2023
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What is  Downloading : 

Meaning of downloading is that our computer is receiving data from the Internet. When users are copying any file from the Internet to their device (computer, mobile, etc.), they download it. 

 a browser downloads some specific web pages from the web server on the Internet. Furthermore, at the time of downloading the browser represents a logo or aminated graphics in the window of the browser. And  downloading songs or pictures from the Internet. 

Important Pointers for Downloading:

  • It is a process in which data or files are copied from the server to the computer.
  • In this process, users need memory and Internet service on their devices.

 What is  Uploading : 

Meaning of uploading is that we send data from our computer to the Internet. In other words, to make a file visible to everyone on the Internet (like adding a picture on Facebook), you will need to upload it.

The web publishing author frequently uses FTP to upload their web pages to the webserver. The other example of the uploading is when you upload a file to social website accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. These social networking sites have their own servers where the users can upload the images, videos, audios, etcetera. Or posting photos on Instagram or Facebook, using a webcam. 

Important Pointers for Uploading:

  • It is a process that helps copy data from one system to the internet.
  • Here also, the user needs proper internet service and memory to proceed further.
  • In this process, data traverses from the customers’ machine to the server.

Difference between Downloading and Uploading :

  Downloading Uploading
  It is a procedure of copying files from the webserver to the machine. It is a Procedure for copying data from the device to the webserver.
  Memory is required in the user’s device to downloading anything. Memory is required in the webserver to upload anything.
  Only the admin can be able to access the files and documents Anyone can be able to access the file
  Downloading speed is Comparatively High. Uploading speed is Comparatively low.
  Data travels from the Web server to the user’s device. Data travels from user’s device to the web server.

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