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Difference between DOS and Windows

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  • Last Updated : 13 May, 2020
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DOS and Windows square measure the various varieties of Operating Systems.

DOS stands for Disk Operating System. It is a smaller amount probably employed in the current state of affairs whereas windows may be a wide used in operation system. It consumes less memory and power than windows.

Window has no full form but it is widely used operating system than DOS operating system. It consumes more memory and power than DOS operating system.

DOS and Windows square measure principally differentiated by the actual fact that DOS may be a single tasking, single user, interface primarily based OS developed within the year of 1979. On the opposite hand, all the windows version square measure multitasking, multiuser and graphical user interface primarily based OS.

Let’s see the difference between DOS and Windows:

1.DOS is single tasking operating system.While windows are multitasking operating systems.
2.It consumes low power.While windows consume high power.
3.It consumes less memory in comparison of windows.While it consumes more memory.
4.DOS does not support networking.While window supports networking.
5.DOS is complex in terms of using.Whereas it is simple for using.
6.DOS does not share time.While window can share time.
7.DOS is a command line operating system.Whereas windows are the graphical operating systems.
8.DOS operating system is less preferred than windows.While windows are more preferred by the users in comparison of DOS.
9.In DOS operating system multimedia is not supported such as: Games, movies,songs etc.While windows support multimedia such as: Games, movies,songs etc.
10.In DOS operation systems, operation are performed speedily than windows OS.While in windows OS, operation are performed slowly than DOS OS.
11.There is only one window opened at a time in DOS.While in windows, multiple windows can be opened at a time.
12.DOS does not need any pointing devices.While Windows uses various pointing devices such as light pen, mouse, etc.
13.DOS is not widely used in computer systems now-a-days.While Windows is used now-a-days in computer systems.
14.DOS is free of cost.While original version of Windows is expensive.
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