Difference Between DOS and Windows

DOS: DOS stands for Disk Operating System, which is an operating system that was popular till 1995 in the IBM PCs. It is a single-tasking OS i.e., it can perform one task at a time. It is based on a command-line interface where we have to provide instruction to the computer in commands form. It runs from hard disks or any other storage devices and thus provides an environment for the execution of programs. It occupies less memory.

Windows: Windows is a product of Microsoft, it is an operating system with various versions, Windows 10 being the latest version. It is the Graphic Based user interface where we give commands through icons and images with the help of mouse to the computer. Windows is portable, and initially, it was written in C and C++ language where processor reliability code is separated into DAL and HLL. Windows is more reliable than DOS and handles errors with ease.

Below is a table of differences between DOS and Windows:

Feature DOS Windows
Type DOS is command line based OS, where instructions are given through commands. Windows is GUI based OS, where instructions are provided with the help of images and icons.
Drivers There is no use of Drivers in the DOS. Windows makes use of Drivers to make the work easier.
Multi- tasking DOS doesn’t supports multi- tasking. Windows support multitasking.
Complexity DOS is more complex and difficult to use. Windows is less complex and is easy to use.
Input System Commands through keyboard are provided as an input. Keyboard and mouse both can be used to provide the input to Windows.
Storage size Highest storage size that was made available is 2 GB. Windows support storage size up to 2 terabyte. Usage DOS is not popular now and almost obsolete in use. Windows is more popular and globally used operating system. Price DOS is free. Windows is expensive and paid.
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