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Difference between DOS and Unix
  • Last Updated : 27 Jan, 2021

1. Disk Operating System (DOS) :
DOS stands for Disk Operating System. It is a single-user (no security), a single-process system that gives complete control of the computer to the user program. It consumes less memory and power than Unix.

2. UNIX :
UNIX is a powerful, multi-user, and multitasking operating system that was originally developed at AT & T Bell Laboratories. It is a very popular operating system among the scientific, engineering, and academic due to its most appreciating features like flexibility, portability, network capabilities, etc.

Difference between DOS and Linux :

1.DOS is single tasking operating system.UNIX are multitasking operating systems.
2.It is monouser (no concept of more than one user)UNIX are multiuser (with multiple simultaneous users);
3.It consumes low power.It consumes high power.
4.It has no native support for IP networks.It come with built-in support for IP networks.
5.It has 3 proprietary implementations (MS-DOS, IBM DOS and DR-DOS) and one free implementation (FreeDOS).There are many proprietary and free/open source implementations.
6.It is not case sensitive.It is case sensitive.
7.It is used in embedded systems.It is mainly used in servers.
8.It uses backslashes.It uses forward slashes.
9.It has no virtual memory nor protected memory.It usually have virtual memory and protected memory.
10.It has batch files.It has shell files.

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