Difference between Django VS Python

Django is a web-based Python program that enables you to easily build powerful web applications. It offers built-in features for everything from the Django Admin Interface, the default database i.e. SQLlite3, etc.

Python is a high-level, interpret object-oriented programming language that has large enormous library support making the implementation of various programs and algorithms easy. It has a set of language and object-oriented approach aims to help programmers to write clear, logical code for various projects.

Difference between Django and Python: 

Django Python
It is a web framework. It is a programming language.
It is developed by Django Software Foundation. It is developed by Python Software Foundation.
It was released in 2005. It was released in 1991.
It is written in C language. It is also written in C language but the default implementation is called CPython
It is used for web development It is used to develop frameworks like Django, Flask etc.
It is basically an MVC(Model View Controller) framework built on top of Python.  It is basically an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, and high-level programming language which runs on the compiler level.
It is mostly used in web based application and servers. It is used to create a web application, data analysis, artificial intelligence software development, etc. 

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