Difference between Desktop and Tablet

1. Desktop :
Desktop is a physical computer unit that consists of a monitor, CPU, key-board and a mouse. It is a graphical user work space on a software operating system. It is designed for regular use at one location. It requires main power supply so that it can not be portable.

2. Tablet :
Tablet or Tablet Computer is a device generally operated with a mobile operating system. It has the touchscreen display and there is a rechargeable battery inbuilt in it. It is basically a thin and flat device. It does not have the physical key-board with it. The lasting time of battery in tablet is more as compared to battery life of the laptop. It is light weighted and is portable easily.

Difference between Desktop and Tablet :

It is a computer device that needs external devices to be fully functional. It is a touch screen display computer device which generally operates on mobile operating systems.
It is large in size. While it is small in size.
It has a physical key-board externally connected with it. While it does not have the physical key-board, it has onscreen key-board.
It has a separate mouse connected with it. While in tablet all the work is done with touch screen.
It is heavy-weighted in comparison of tablet. While it is light-weighted comparatively.
It is not portable. While it is easily portable.
It runs on main power supply. While it runs on battery.
It has very powerful processor. While it is operated with mobile operating system.
The repairing of desktops is easy work as compared to tablets. While the repairing of tablets is little complex.
It has wide rage of screen size. While the range of screen size in tablets is limited.
Components of desktop can be easily removed. Components of tablets are not removable.
It does not have slot for sim-cards. Some tablets may have slot for sim-cards.
It is more expensive than tablet. While it is less expensive comparatively.
It has more features in comparison of tablet. It has less features comparatively.
It may have CD or DVD player inbuilt in CPU. While it does not have such functionality.

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