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Difference between Derby and Pouchdb

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  • Last Updated : 02 Jul, 2020
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1. Derby :
Derby is a full-featured, open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) implemented in Java and as the name suggests it is developed by Apache Software Foundations. It is based on Java, JDBC and SQL standards. Derby is easy to install, deploy, and use. It is either embedded into a Java application or used as a database server.

2. PouchDB :
PouchDB is an open-source, NoSQL, in-line database. It is designed after CouchDB, which is a NoSQL database that powers npm. It is written in JavaScript language. There is no need to perform queries over the network as PouchDB resides inside the browser and thus it makes it extremely faster. It stores data locally using IndexedDB and WebSQL in the browser.

Difference between Derby and Pouchdb :

1It is developed by Apache Software Foundation in 1997.It is developed by Apache Software Foundation in 2012.
2It is written in Java language.It is written using Javascript language.
3The primary database model for Derby is Relational DBMS.The primary database model for PouchDB is Document Store.
4Server operating systems for Derby are Windows, macOs, Linux, Unix, BSD and z/OS.PouchDB server operating systems are server-less, requires a JavaScript environment (browser, Node.js).
5APIs and other access methods used by Derby is JDBC.APIs and other access methods used by PouchDB is HTTP REST, JavaScript API.
6It supports only Java programming language.It supports only Javascript programming language.
7It supports Master-Slave Replication methods.It supports Master-master replication, Master-slave replication.
8In Derby, partitioning cannot be done.In PouchDB, partitioning can be done by Sharding.
9It is a open source software framework.It is a open source software framework.
10It supports fine grained access rights according to SQL-standard.It does not support access right.

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