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Difference between Decision Table and Decision Tree
  • Last Updated : 17 Jun, 2020

1. Decision Table :
Decision Table is just a tabular representation of all conditions and actions. Decision Trees are always used whenever the process logic is very complicated and involves multiple conditions. The main components used for the formation of Data Table are Conditions Stubs, Action Stubs, and rules.

2. Decision Tree :
Decision Tree is a graph which always uses a branching method in order to demonstrate all the possible outcomes of any decision. Decision Trees are graphical and shows better representation of decision outcomes. It consists of three nodes namely Decision Nodes, Chance Nodes and Terminal Nodes.

Difference between Decision Table and Decision Tree :

S.No.Decision TableDecision Tree
1.Decision Tables are tabular representation of conditions and actions.Decision Trees are graphical representation of every possible outcome of a decision.
2.We can derive decision table from decision tree.We can not derive decision tree from decision table.
3.It helps to clarify the criteria.It helps to take into account the possible relevant outcomes of decision.
4.In Decision Tables, we can include more than one ‘or’ condition.In Decision Trees, we can not include more than one ‘or’ condition.
5.It is used when there are small number of properties.It is used when there are more number of properties.
6.It is used for simple logic only.It can be used for complex logic as well.
7.It is constructed of rows and tables.It is constructed of branches and nodes.

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