Difference between DDR 5 and DDR 3

1. Double Data Rate version 5 (DDR5) :
DDR5 stands for Double Data Rate 5 Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory (DDR5 SDRAM). DDR5 or GDDR5 has more memory bandwidth and memory clock speed, which is why it is used for gaming purpose than DDR3. DDR5 is only used in graphics cards, on the other hand DDR3 is also used in computers. Despite the low latency of DDR3, DDR5 provides better performance than DDR3.

2. Double Data Rate version 3 (DDR3) :
DDR3 stands for Double Data Rate 3 Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory (DDR3 SDRAM). Self-refresh and auto-refresh are performed in DDR3 in order to refresh its contents. Self-refresh is normally used for lower power consumption, which is why DDR3 consumes less power. The clock speed of DDR3 is lower than DDR5 which varies 800-2133 MHz.

Difference between DDR5 and DDR3 :

1. DDR5 is newer than DDR3. Whereas earlier it was used in computer systems.
2. DDR5 or GDDR5 is used by PS4 (Playstation 4). While it is used by Xbox.
3. DDR5 is better for gaming than DDR3 because it (DDR5) has more memory bandwidth. Whereas it is better for office task than DDR5.
4. The speed of DDR5 is faster than DDR3. Whereas it is comparatively slow.
5. DDR5 or GDDR5 is mainly used in graphics cards. While DDR3 is mainly used in computers.
6. DDR5 is costlier than DDR3. While the cost of DDR3 is cheaper than DDR5.
7. DDR5 has more latency than DDR3. While DDR3 has lower latency than DDR5.
8. DDR5 has higher memory clock speed than DDR3. While DDR3 has lower memory clock speed than DDR5.

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