Difference between Database Testing and Data warehouse Testing

Database Testing:
Database testing is the testing of security, performance and various other aspects of the database. It also includes various actions taken for testing of data. IT is basically performed on the small data size that is stored in the database system.
Example: Testing of data of a college’s students results.

Data warehouse Testing:
Data warehouse testing is related to the performance, security and testing of other aspects of data stored in warehouse. It is performed on the large size data that is stored in the data warehouse.
Example: Testing of data of an enterprise stock of last decade.

Difference between Database Testing and Data warehouse Testing:

Database Testing Data warehouse Testing
It is performed on smaller scale. It is performed on large scale.
It is usually used to test data at the source instead of testing using the GUI. It includes several facets, extraction, transformation and loading mechanisms.
Usually homogeneous data is tested under it. Heterogeneous data is involved in it.
Normalized data is used for testing. De-normalized data is used for testing.
CRUD operations are performed in this testing. Usually Read-only operations are performed in it.
Consistent data is used for testing. Temporal data inconsistency is found.
Data size used is small. Voluminous data. is used in it
Normal testing strategies are applied. Specific testing strategies are applied.

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