Difference between Database System and Data Warehouse

Database System:
Database System is used in traditional way of storing and retrieving data. The major task of database system is to perform query processing. These systems are generally referred as online transaction processing system. These systems are used day to day operations of ans organization.

Data Warehouse:
Data Warehouse is the place where huge amount of data is stored. It is meant for users or knowledge workers in the role of data analysis and decision making. These systems are supposed to organize and present data in different format and different forms in order to serve the need of the specific user for specific purpose. These systems are referred as online analytical processing.

Difference between Database System and Data Warehouse:

Database System Data Warehouse
It supports operational processes. It supports analysis and performance reporting.
Capture and maintain the data. Explore the data.
Current data. Multiple years of history.
Data is balanced within the scope of this one system. Data must be integrated and balanced from multiple system.
Data is updated when transaction occurs. Data is updated on scheduled processes.
Data verification occurs when entry is done. Data verification occurs after the fact.
100 MB to GB. 100 GB to TB.
ER based. Star/Snowflake.
Application oriented. Subject oriented.
Primitive and highly detailed. Summarized and consolidated.
Flat relational. Multidimensional.

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