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Difference between Database and DBMS

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 05 Jun, 2020

A collection of related pieces of data, whose purpose is to solve the data management needs of an institution is called a Database.

Database Management Systems (DBMS), on the other hand, are very complex software which save the data on the secondary storage devices and which are used to manipulate databases.

Difference between Database and DBMS :

S. No.CategoryDatabaseDBMS
1.StorageBesides computers, databases can even be maintained in physical ledgers, books or papers.In a database management system (DBMS), all the records are maintained only on a computer.
2.Data RetrievalThe retrieval of information from the databases can be done manually, through queries or by using programs (C, C++, Java etc.).We can retrieve the data from the database management system through queries written in SQL.
3.SpeedAs databases can be handled manually or via computers, when SQL is not used to retrieve information, it can be very slow.As a computer system is involved in a database management system, the retrieval of information is very quick.
4.AccessThe databases are not designed for a large number of people who can access data at the same time, rather it is designed for a very small number of people (preferably few people) who access data at different times.The database management system is designed for a large number of people who can access the data at the same time.
5.Data ManipulationIn case of the databases, very less information can be modified at a time.In the database management system (DBMS), a lot of information can be changed at one time (as it can have many users using it at the same time).
6.Backup and RecoveryThe databases do not ensure that the data will be available after failure arises.The database management system (DBMS) ensures that the data will always be available even after system failures.

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