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Difference between Database Administrator vs Database Architect

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1. Database Administrator :
Database administrator is a person who creates updates and maintains the database. It is more of a wide role as a data administrator might be someone who is hired to create, maintain, and backup the database, optimize the database for high performance or someone who helps in integrating databases into applications. The major skills required to be an excellent database administrator are troubleshooting, logical thought process and a strong will to learn as it involves a vast area. This role is also known as Database Coordinator or Database Programmer.

Responsibilities :

  • Create and design a database
  • Analyze and monitor database requirements
  • Ensures data security

Database administrator skills :

2. Database Architect :
Database architect is a person who checks the database structure and decides the design of the database while also collaborating with the whole team to handle the requirements. Major skills required for this role are analytical skills, problem-solving skills, management skills and the most important communication skills. This role demands great knowledge of data architecture and is a difficult job.

Responsibilities :

  • Designs the way data should flow in the organization
  • Checks everyone’s data requirements
  • Enforces databases standards
  • Sets different data access levels for different teams

Database architect skills :


Difference between Database Administrator vs Database Architect :




01.Database admin is also known as database coordinator or database programmer.Database admin is also known as database coordinator or database programmer.
02.Database admin inputs data into the database.Database architect decides the structure and design of the database.
03.Database admin optimizes and maintains the database.Database architect sets different access
04.Database admin ensures database security.Database architect enforces data standards for the whole organization.
05.Database admin handles issues with the database.Database architect monitors the data and always tries to come up with a more efficient design system.
06.Database admin mostly requires logical thought process, troubleshooting and will to learn. However, good communication skill is the most essential requirement of this role.Database architect requires analytical and problem-solving skills to come up with robust and feasible data models. However, good communication skill is the most essential requirement of this role.
07.Database admin is a wide role as it has multiple responsibilities.Database architect is a difficult role as it requires you to collaborate with the whole team to address everyone’s issues.
08.A Database Administrator have the most privileged access to a database.A database architect usually does not have direct access to the production databases.


Last Updated : 09 Mar, 2021
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