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Difference between Database Administrator (DBA) and Database Engineer

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  • Last Updated : 27 Jul, 2020

1. Database Administrator (DBA) :
A database administrator is responsible for management of a database (DB). His/her duties involve administration, performance tuning, optimization, backup and recovery of a database. The DBA is more of a management profile. The DBA also enhances the Logical Design of the database. He/she may be guided by the Database Engineer in his administration.

2. Database Engineer :
A database engineer develops databases for various applications. He/she might also either work as a database administrator or supervise the database administrator. The DB engineer is more of a technical profile. His/her duty is to ensure the proper functioning of the database.

Difference between Database Administrator (DBA) and Database Engineer :

1.Database administrator is also known as database co-ordinator, the database engineer or a database programmer in job searches.Database Engineer is also known as software application developer or computer software engineer.

DBA is responsible for managing the database.Database Engineer is responsible for developing the database.
3.It is used to define the management aspect of the profile.It is used to define the technical aspects of the profile.
4.DBA handles the performance, integrity and security of a database.Database Engineer handles the physical and logical models of a Database.
5.DBA develops and manages the recovery plan and back ups.Database Engineer identifies and handles the errors in a database system.
6.DBA enhances and refines the Logical Design.Database Engineer creates the logical Design of the database.
7.DBA is responsible for the system’s interaction with the front end users.Database Engineers are not concerned much with the end users.
8.The DBA establishes the needs of the users.The Database Engineer designs the database system to cater to the needs of the users.
9.The Database Administrator is guided by the Database Engineer for effective management of the databases.The Database Engineer guides the Database Administrator for the effective management of the databases.
10.The overall role of a DBA is generally narrow.The overall role of Database Engineer is relatively broader.

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