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Difference between Data Scientist and Business Analyst

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  • Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2022
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1. Data Scientist : A Data Scientist is a person who design, develop and deploy algorithms through statistical programming to create a model by creating, analyzing and interpreting data which will ultimately help in making the business more efficient. But they not only deal with data analysis rather they develop predictive models that use machine learning algorithms which supports business making tools, manage large amount of data and create visualization to aid in understanding.

Main skills for a Data Scientist :

Responsibilities of data scientist :

  • Data preprocessing
  • Creating predictive models
  • Formulating new test cases for business development
  • Fine tuning the machine learning models
  • Integrating and storing data.
  • Applying Statistical modelling

2. Business Analyst : A business Analyst is a person who acts as a bridge between business and information technology groups within the business. Mainly they work with stakeholders across the organization to understand the need of business and design solution for it. Generally they research and extract important information from structured and unstructured sources and use this information in determining future business performance  and better solutions to business users.

Main skills for a Business Analyst :

  • Problem-solving
  • Analytic thinking
  • Quality assurance
  • Meeting with stakeholders
  • Knowledge on visualization tools
  • Information technology
  • MS Excel

Responsibilities of business analyst :

  • Implementing technology solutions
  • Establishing bridge between IT and Business Operations
  • Optimizing systems and processes
  • Communicating  with their stakeholders
  • Determining the functioning of the project.
  • Quantifying the scope of the businesses

Difference between Data Scientist and Business Analyst :




01.A data scientist analyzes data.A business analyst analyzes client and business requirement.
02.Generally a data scientist analyzes patterns in the data and make suitable decisions.Generally a business analyst interacts with clients and project managers to analyze their needs.
03.Mostly they work only with structured data.Where as a business analyst works with both structured and unstructured data.
04.They perform predictive and prescriptive analysis.They perform retrospective and descriptive analysis.
05.They need to know Python, R, SAS, Spark, Tensorflow, Hadoop etc.They need to know SQL, R, Tableau, and Excel etc.
06.They uses tools like data warehousing, data visualization and machine learning etc.They uses tools like  Axure, Blueprint, Bit impulse etc.
07.Annual salary of a data scientist is about $120K.Annual salary of business analyst is about $70K.
08.They use models like  schema on query.They use models like schema on load.
09.Data scientists work on e-commerce, social media, finance, banking, IoT application industries.Where as business analysts work is limited to businesses and consultancy services.
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