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Difference Between Data Mining and Data Visualization

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Data mining: Data mining is the method of analyzing expansive sums of data in an exertion to discover relationships, designs, and insights. These designs, concurring to Witten and Eibemust be “meaningful in that they lead to a few advantages, more often than not a financial advantage.” Data in data mining is additionally ordinarily quantitative particularly when we consider the exponential development in data delivered by social media later a long time, i.e. big-data.

Data Visualization: Data Visualization is the representation of data within the frame of the chart, chart, picture, etc. These are made as the visual representation of information. It makes a difference a parcel to choice makes to see the analytics displayed outwardly, so they can work in like manner and can get a handle on the troublesome concept or recognize modern designs.

Below is a table of differences between Data Mining and Data Visualization:

Data MiningData Visualization
Searches and produces a reasonable result from huge information chunks.Gives a basic diagram of complex information
This is often has diverse applications and favored for web search engines.Preferred for information determining and forecasts
Data mining Comes beneath data science.Data Visualization Comes beneath the range of data science
Worked with web computer program frameworks or applications .Supports and works way better in complex data examinations and applications
Modern innovation but underdeveloped.More valuable in genuine time information estimating
Numerous algorithms exist in utilizing data mining.No require of utilizing any algorithms
Runs on any web-enabled stage or with any applications .Irrespective of equipment or computer program, it gives visual data
Application is display satellite data information, research results information, scientifically studied dataThe applications of the Information mining are web search engines, retail, money related and banking businesses, government organizations etc.
Last Updated : 30 Sep, 2022
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