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Difference between Data Management and Data Governance

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  • Last Updated : 19 Aug, 2021
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1. Data management :
Data management is the creation and execution of the  policies, architecture and procedures that manage the complete data lifecycle needs of Business. It is important to have these policies and procedures in place for analyzing complex, big data. When data is treated as a significant company profit, it needs to be managed. Data management includes many different types of data projects and one of those is data governance.

  1. Data preparation : It is a process of cleaning  the raw data to analyze the accuracy. This censorious first step is sometimes missed in the flurry of analysis and report, for this organization making wrong decision with wrong data.
  2. Data Pipeline : It is a set of manner that extract data  from various resource. It’s a automatic process. It’s main work is data extraction , Transform and load data in data warehouse.
  3. Data catalogs : It is a complete map Which helps to find out and track the data in data warehouse and also managing the metadata.
  4. Data warehouse :  It provide a clear path for data analysis by merge all the data sources.
  5. Data governance : It helps define policies maintaining data security as well as data observance.
  6. Data architecture : it would be the formal structure for managing the data flow.

2. Data governance :
Data Governance is a establishes procedures and responsibilities that ensure the quality and security of data used in a business or organization. It also help the organization to making right decision. It’s also a policy that control the data usage. A well-designed data governance program includes a governance team, a guide committee that acts as the governing body, and a group of data stewards.

  1. Data quality : it is the base of data source management. Data governance need high quality and strong data. Having accurate, complete and reliable data is the foundation of any data-driven firm.
  2. Data security : it define and labeling data by there by the level of risk they have. It is maintain secure access between user interaction and security
  3. Data stewardship : it guide monitor how to use data sources and help to provide high quality data to business user which is easily accessible.
  4. Data transparency : it is specially use for data security means the person who use the organization data is utilize the data for good reasons and how they use it Business users easily find out where their data comes from.

Data Management Data Governance :




01.Data Management refers to the methods how the data is organized.Data governance refers to policies, rules and controls to governing the data and managing data quality.
02.Refers to collecting, organizing, protecting, processing, sorting and maintaining data. Refers to practice, establishing process and theories.
03.It focuses in making that are more quality and more valuable.It focuses on reliability and safety of data.
04.It is a logistic method of how to organized the data properly.It is a method of action to achieved the high quality data.
05.It is logistical and focused on technology.It is philosophical focused on an overall business strategy.


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