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Difference between Cypress and Selenium
  • Last Updated : 16 Nov, 2020

1. Cypress :
It is a testing framework that is based on JavaScript which helps developers to build web applications with the help of JavaScript frameworks. It is constructed on the pinnacle of Mocha, which is a feature of the JavaScript testing framework running in the browser.

2. Selenium :
It is a test automation equipment used to test functional elements of web applications. In other words, it is a library that requires a unit testing framework or an assertion library which helps to construct out its capabilities.

Difference between Cypress and Selenium :

S.No. Cypress Selenium
1. This is a framework that is robust in nature. It is a library that needs a unit testing framework to process.
2. To setup Cypress is easier as compared to Selenium. Its setup is quite complex.
3. It supports Js only. It supports different programming languages like java, python.
4. It supports only one browser i.e. Chrome. It can support various browsers.
5. To perform tasks, it uses DOM manipulation techniques. It does not use DOM manipulation techniques.
6. It is robust in nature. It is not robust in nature.
7. There is no support for multiple tabs. There is support for multiple tabs.
8. Limited support for OS. Many OS can be used to process tasks.

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