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Difference Between Customer Analytics and Web Analytics

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  • Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2022
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Customer Analytics: Customer Analytics can basically be defined as the process which makes the use of analytics to study the customer behavior which helps in effective business decision making. So it can be defined as a process of studying customer data and information for understanding and interpreting customer behavior which will help in making effective business decisions. This information is thus used by various businesses for site selection, direct marketing, etc. With the help of customer analytics the most profitable customers can be attracted and retained. Within an organization, customer analytics is run by different departments such as marketing, sales, etc. The main aim of customer analytics is to determine the accurate view of the customers. Using this information various practices to acquire and also retain the customers can be decided.

Web Analytics: Web Analytics can basically be defined as the measurement, collection as well as analysis and reporting of the web data for the optimization of the web usage. It also provides an understanding of user behavior over the web page or website. It can not only be used for the estimation of the web traffic but it can also be used as a tool for marketing research as well as business. It keeps the track of the activities on the website such as the number of users visiting the website, duration of their stay, the pages they visit, etc. It is thus used to improve and enhance the effectiveness and performance of the website.


Below is a table of differences between Customer Analytics and Web Analytics:

S.No.Customer AnalyticsWeb Analytics
1.Customer Analytics does not require any kind of skill set as the information about the customers can be gained without any particular skills.Web Analytics requires a particular special skill set for the collection and reporting of the web data.
2.It mainly focuses on the implementation of the customer knowledge into actions for the organization thus it includes a customer facing department.It mainly focuses on the web data and optimization of web usage thus it does not include a customer facing department.
3.It deals with the behavioral study of the customers and hence is helpful in the future prediction of the new customers and leads.It mainly monitors the web traffic and thus cannot be used for any kind of future prediction.
4.It deals with actual and real customers who are engaged in a product or a service.It deals with the anonymous data traffic and not real individual customers.
5.It has a proper service and support team in case the customer encounters any kind of problems.It only keeps the track of the data and does not provide any kind of service or support to the customers.
6.In customer analytics the focus is more on the customer data and behavior organization rather than the website data organization.In web analytics the focus is on the website data organization.
7.It can provide accurate and deeper understanding and knowledge about a particular customer.Web analytics cannot provide accurate and deeper understanding and knowledge about a particular customer.
8.Customer Analytics generally follows the same tracking methods and thus the final results have little or no vartiation.In web analytics different tracking methods are followed as the final result can have a great variation.
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