Difference between CRT and LCD

CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube and LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display area unit the kinds of display devices wherever CRT is employed as standard display devices whereas LCD is more modern technology.

These area unit primarily differentiated supported the fabric they’re made from and dealing mechanism, however, each area unit alleged to perform identical perform of providing a visible variety of electronic media.

Here, the crucial operational distinction is that the CRT integrates the 2 processes lightweight generation and lightweight modulation and it’s additionally managed by one set of elements. Conversely, the LCD isolates the 2 processes kind one another that’s lightweight generation and modulation.

Let’s see that the difference b/w CRT and LCD:

1. CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube. While LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display.
2. CRT consumes more power. While it consumes less power.
3. The cost of CRT is less than LCD. While it is costlier than CRT.
4. CRT is faster than LCD in terms of response. While it is slower than CRT in terms of response.
5. CRT is larger than LCD in terms of size. While it is small in terms of size.
6. It has not image confinement. While it has good image confinement.
7. CRT’s resolution is lower than LCD. While LCD’s resolution is more than CRT.
8. It is used only in personal computers. While it is used in personal computers as well as in laptops and cellular phones.
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